We all choose to either be a spectator of life "in the back", or an active participant "in the front row." Jon Vroman delivers fun, easy to implement, and inspirational keynote presentations designed to increase student engagement by “Living College Life In The Front Row™”

“Jon is a skilled storyteller who will motivate you to reach your greatest potential through sharing his own journey from bystander to the front row. I am inspired each and every time I hear him speak to not ask myself “why me?” but rather “why NOT me?” Jon is a shining example for us to follow his own advice to “Live life in the Front Row!”

– Gary Rapp, Assistant Dean of Student Affairs, Friends University

Each year, a new department on campus contacts me about Jon Vroman. They hear the stories how he not only changed the lives of students but advisors and faculty as well. Jon is more than an engaging speaker, he has the gift to reach a crowd that attracts more than a diverse audience but a ability to transform their lives to live in the front row fully engaged!

– Nikki Hornsberry, Assistant Director of Student Development, Villanova University

Student Reactions, in a Word

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    Domenic Antolik, Rowan University
  • 49yQedCieCLExkXYfLeM8JmfZNuEbtG6AT-BKA2GZ1g

    Erin Burns, Penn State University
  • NH5EKfPNxgmliBlxVq3ShKf6Z-NxNVVanD2Wc-eyWyo

    Brenda Rose, Sussex County Community College
  • kristian

    Kristian LaGrange, University of Louisiana at Lafayette
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