About Jon


Award Winning Speaker —Association for the Promotion of Campus Activities: Campus Speaker of the Year, 2012 & 2013
Author —Living College Life In The Front Row
Philanthropist —The Front Row Foundation, NPO

Jon likes to keep it simple, and is all about his core message: Living College Life In The Front Row™. He helps students to step away from their comfort-zones’ and push themselves to pursue what is truly challenging, important, and meaningful.

With years of experience keynoting, Jon has developed an effective and modern motivational style that genuinely connects with his audience. Engaging his listeners, igniting their enthusiasm, and challenging their status-quo is Jon’s specialty.

His mission is to encourage individuals to find and develop their unique talents so that they will make the biggest impact within their campus and community.

Jon operates by five core values:

1. Make authentic connections
2. Create your own reality
3. Be open to change
4. Commit fully
5. Contribute to others

In 2005, Jon founded The Front Row Foundation, which helps individuals and families who are braving critical health challenges to, “experience life in the front row”. The foundation gives those who are in need a front row experience at a concert, sporting event, theatrical performance, or other live event of their choice. To date, the charity has raised over $1,000,000 and had been instrumental in over 60 life-changing experiences.

So What’s Jon Have to Say?

In as few words as possible, this is who I am, what has shaped my thinking, and what I am the most proud of…

-I came from a great family and grew up as a military brat; I was born in Sasebo, Japan, and attended eight different schools before graduating in 1993.

-In just a few years, I worked myself up from an in-home knife salesman at age 19, to Cutco’s youngest North American Sales Promotion Manager.

– I co-founded The Front Row Foundation after I raised the initial funds in a 53 mile, double-marathon in 2005.

– In 2008 I was married in Siberia to my incredible wife Tatyana, who’s a
nutritional health coach and yoga instructor. We have a four-year-old son, Tiger. Tiger loves to laugh, watch cartoons, and to play hide & seek. I know a bit of Russian, fNDJMqK50V7-YR_UtmjQhmPRaoveFcvTm2DVGnoq1Asbut Tiger is the bilingual one, and I learn something new from him everyday.

-I believe in the power of relationships. Community shapes reality, so I put people
first. When I die, I want to be known as someone who cared for others.
I am constantly striving to improve myself.

-I am committed to being a great friend, leader, mentor, husband and father.

-I love to travel and I’m addicted to learning. I believe life is an adventure, and that our
greatest ally in it is perspective.

-I do what I do because I love to inspire those around me. I believe we should help each other overcome our fears and step up to start living life “in the front row.” I am certain this is my calling.

Why hire Jon Vroman?

Do you need a charismatic storyteller who will keep your audience emotionally charged and on the edge of their seats?

Do you need a speaker who can help your audience capture the key ideas they need for their own growth and change?

Then your audience will appreciate the gains in insights from Jon’s underdog story of moving from the back row of life, to the front row. It’s an authentic and engaging story of triumph over challenge that we can all take something away from.

Jon is guaranteed to leave your audience begging for more!

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JmffXXpd82frKznH1VhUNdYjxRtOmNNsji4pfggb1lQ“Thanks again so much for coming to Marian for our Aspiring Leaders Conference this weekend! Our students took away so much from your presentations. Chris just compiled the session evaluations, and wanted to let you know that you were a HUGE HIT”

~Beth Wall, Marian University

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