I Have Chronic Inflammation & These Are the Anti-Inflammatory Snacks I Always Have on Hand

I Have Chronic Inflammation & These Are the Anti-Inflammatory Snacks I Always Have on Hand

These snacks are receiving my personal stamp of approval.

I used to gravitate toward snacks like wasabi peas and spicy chips to relieve my midday hunger. But after being diagnosed with ocular rosacea—chronic inflammation in my face and eyes—I realized these snacks were actually causing the flare-ups in my skin to worsen.

Adjusting my eating habits to my condition has been a challenge, but I believe that I’ve finally found the snacks that, alongside my anti-inflammatory meals, are actually helping reduce the inflammation in my face. From savory chips and puffs to fruity and filling treats, here are the snacks that I always stock my kitchen with for a quick bite.

Dark Chocolate-Covered Almonds

Almonds alone are an easy, protein-packed handful that keep me satisfied between meals. When I’m looking for a sweeter bite, chocolate-covered almonds are the way to go. Unless it’s around the holidays, I don’t usually dip them myself, so I buy these Hu Chocolate Covered Almonds with Sea Salt for a delicious sweet-savory balance. But I’m not picky—I also like these Dark Chocolate Covered Almonds from Walgreens when I need an easy grab-and-go snack.

My recipe for 3-Ingredient Chocolate & Almond Butter Dates is another way to enjoy this flavor combination.


Filling and delicious, I can dress up yogurt for breakfast, lunch, dinner or a snack and be completely content in any scenario. Greek yogurt is already anti-inflammatory as is, but adding granola or mixed berries brings it to the next level. My go-to yogurt brands are Chobani for their Strawberry on the Bottom Nonfat Greek Yogurt and Ratio’s Keto-Friendly Vanilla Yogurt (I’m not interested in following the keto diet, but mixing in cinnamon and blueberries to this yogurt transforms it into a dessert).

For more ways to elevate your plain yogurt, try it with strawberries or with this Sweet ‘n’ Crunchy Yogurt Topping.

Chickpea Puffs

I’ll talk about my favorite chips in a moment, but sometimes snacking on a mini bag of chips or pretzels doesn’t satisfy me. That probably has to do with the lack of fiber and protein in the salty snacks. However, Hippeas Chickpea Puffs have been a staple in my household for years. Made with chickpeas, these are crispy puffs worth dreaming about. My favorite flavor—Vegan White Cheddar—is packed with 4 grams of protein and 3 grams of fiber per serving, so they’re enjoyable for a midday pick-me-up.

Roasted chickpeas on their own are also delicious, easy and crunchy–and they’re quick to meal-prep at home. Whether you want savory Everything-Bagel Crispy Chickpeas or sweet Cinnamon-Sugar Roasted Chickpeas, you’ll look forward to adding these recipes into your lunchbox.

Granola Bars

It’s basic, but you can’t go wrong with a granola bar. Making granola bars at home is the best way to go for nutritional value, and these Cranberry-Almond Granola Bars are a great place to start. However, more often than not I’m buying pre-made bars, so when I do, I try to look for options that aren’t loaded with added sugar. My current favorite granola bars are these MadeGood Gluten-Free Mixed Berry Granola Bars. They’re soft, packed with vegetable extracts and are allergen-free, making them a practical option for packing anywhere.


I love berries in all of their forms, and any raspberries in my fridge are gone within a day. My partner describes them as “nature’s candy,” and I don’t think I can explain them better myself. Raspberries aren’t just an anti-inflammatory treat, but they’re also a gut-healthy and heart-healthy fruit packed with fiber and antioxidants. Eat them as-is or include them in your smoothies or yogurt for a fulfilling snack. Buy them frozen, too, to keep on hand longer.

Sweet Potato Chips

Step aside, regular potato chips—there’s an anti-inflammatory version that’s just as delicious. Sweet potato chips are easy to make at home. Just pop thinly sliced sweet potatoes in your air fryer and season them as you’d like for the perfect crunch. They last up to three days when stored in an airtight container, so they’re simple to make ahead for quick snacking later. Sweet potatoes are a great source of fiber and potassium, and they can also help reduce inflammation. What’s not to love? For a packaged version that’s just as tasty if you have limited time on your hands, these Terra No-Salt-Added Sweet Potato Chips are what you’re looking for.

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