Tabitha Brown Says This Protein-Packed Breakfast Is Helping Her Lose Weight

Tabitha Brown Says This Protein-Packed Breakfast Is Helping Her Lose Weight

Simple ingredients, simple steps and simply delicious!

Tabitha Brown is back to making recipe videos on social media, and this recent breakfast of hers caught our attention.

“I’m about to make a little protein toast, but this time, a little bit sweet,” she said in a recent Instagram video. “Let’s go and get into it.”

Here’s how to make the simple morning meal that’s a light yet satisfying breakfast to start your day.

To start off, Brown uses Dave’s Killer Bread thin-sliced whole grain bread for her toast.

“I feel like I just heard somebody say, ‘Girl, you’re just going to eat one piece? That toast is very thin,’ well y’all know I’ve been losing weight, so where I normally would’ve had two pieces, but I know what I’m focused on, I got to have one piece,” Brown explained. “Sometimes we gotta make adjustments to get the results that we want.” For a more filling breakfast, we recommend a larger slice of bread or doubling up with two toasts.

On her toast, Brown adds a little bit of butter to coat the toast. Then, she adds organic peanut butter, but Brown also suggests using almond butter depending on your preference. On top of the peanut butter, she sprinkles on the rest of her ingredients: crushed pecans, hemp seeds, cinnamon and a drizzle of agave syrup.

“I know it’s very small, you can make two if that’s your business, but one kind of does the trick for me,” Brown said with her completed loaded toast in hand. “And later, if I want a juice or something, it’s perfect.”

That’s all it takes, and with ingredients like pecans, peanut butter and hemp seeds, this breakfast is small but packed with protein, so it can help you feel energized and fulfilled to take on the rest of the morning.

And if loaded toast is your thing, we have plenty of more options for you to try out, from savory Avocado-Egg Toast to sweet Ricotta Toast with Plums & Hot Honey.

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